GER Research Group


L1b ValWasCera

Short description / Objective

Our global approach in this research line is the industrial systems design including integration and interconnectivity with available energy and material flows. Our aim is the incorporation of waste and secondary materials to close industrial cycles under an Industrial Ecology approach. Specific applications include incorporation of industrial waste to ceramic matrices and cement based products.


  • Ana Andrés Payán
  • Eva Cifrian Bemposta
  • Araceli Rodriguez Romero
  • Juan Dacuba García
  • Berta Galán Corta

Mobility and Internationalization

Maria Luisa Coronado Robles, Ph.D., FPI Grant, Sep-Dec 2012, Advisor: Prof. A.M. Segadaes. Universidad de Aveiro. Portugal.

Alberto Coz Fernandez. José Castillejo Mobility Programm, JC2010-0086, May-Sep 2011. Advisor: Prf. Christopher Cheesseman. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Imperial College London, UK.