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Teaching Activities

Undergraduate Studies

17 courses, 6 degrees 

The members of the group are involved in 17 courses of 6 Degree Programs, in 2 programs of 1st and 2nd cycle, and in the Senior Program at the School of Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications (ETSIIT) and at the School of Nautical Studies. University of Cantabria.

Courses in English: 

 G1628 Product design project [340.22 KB]

 G716 Industrial Chemistry [102.09 KB]


Master Studies

Eco-Innovación en la Industria: eficiencia de recursos y residuos. 5 ECTS, 2013-date.

Master in “Research in Industrial Engineering”, Link: University of Cantabria

Syllabus English:  Syllabus English [161.45 KB]


Basis of the sediments and dregded material management. 2 ECTS, 2006-date. Master Erasmus Mundus in Water and Coastal Management (Wacoma), University of Cádiz.
Elementos ambientales en las actividades indutriales (2003-2013). Chemical Engineering "sustainable production and consumption", University of Cantabria.


Doctorate Program

Thesis Project 

Ph.D. Industrial Engineering Program. Link: University of Cantabria


Senior Program 

La química en nuestro entorno  Programa Senior. Universidad de Cantabria
La química en la investigación criminal Programa Senior. Universidad de Cantabria


Courses and Seminars (2006-date)

Research Seminars GER students and teachers participate in the organization and develop of informal and participative research seminars, in order to acquire research skills and competences related to the postgraduate studies. Skills as the defend and discussion of own/external research results and communication of research activities, short stays, research projects, congress participation and used methodologies, are expected to be acquired.

International and National 

Summer Courses of the UC

Director of Summer Courses of University of Cantabria on Environment and Sustainable Development (A. Andrés), from 2015 to date.

  •  Impulsando oportunidades de cambio en el binomio residuo-recurso (E. Cifrian, C.F. Díaz Garcia) 1 ECTs, 28/06-30/07/ 2017.
  •  Desechos marinos ¿son un recurso de alto valor añadido? (T. Llano) 1 ECTs, 11-12/07/ 2017.
  •  Estrategias de gestión hacia un Residuo Cero (E. Cifrian, C.F. Díaz Garcia) 2 ECTs, 27/06-01/07/ 2016.
  •  Implicaciones de la nueva regulación en materia de residuos (E. Cifrian, C.F. Díaz Garcia) 2 ECTs, 06-10/07/2015.
  •  Bio-refinería. utilización de biomasa frente al petróleo (A. Coz, G. Moncalian) 1 ECTS 29-30/06/2015.
  •  Biorefinery and Industrial Applications (A. Coz, N. Quijorna) 2 ECTs, 30/06-03/07/2014.
  •  Industrial Biotechnology (A. Coz, G. Moncalián) 2 ECTs, 05-08/09/2011.
  •  Industrial Eco-innovation: Resources and wastes efficiency (R. Alonso-Santurde, A. Andrés) 2 ECTs, 18-22/07/2011
Technical aspects of the  environmental sustainable management at the industry University Specialization Course, II Edition, 2010, 5 ECTS. (Direction: Ana Andres; Coordination: Alberto Coz)
Caracterización y gestión de sedimentos y dragados II Jornadas INTERSED. Santander, 6 de octubre de 2006.



Courses in English: