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Department of Materials and Ceramics Engineering (CICECO)


The main areas of research go through the synthesis and study of the properties of nano and micro structured materials, recycling waste, corrosion and its prevention, biomaterials and functional coatings. Development of materials for more efficient energy systems is also a priority research area. Some of the products developed have been subject to patent licensing and every year about five patents in average are claimed.

Contact: Ana Maria Segadães


- Coronado, M., Segadães, A. and Andrés, A. Leaching behaviour of Cr and Mo from three alternative ceramic products using Waelz slag as a resource: an experimental study of the influence of the firing conditions. Poster presentation. 14th International Waste Management and landfill symposium. Forte Village- S Margherida di Pula (Italia). 30 Septiembre – 04 Octubre 2013.

Short Stay

Maria Coronado, FPI Grant, Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal). September-December, 2012. Advisor: Prof. Ana Maria Segadães.