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The Department of Forest Products Technology at the Aalto University carries out scientific research and offers teaching in the field of sustainable use of renewable natural resources. The focus is on forest biomass and its processing to solid wood products, fibers and cellulose fibrils, composites made of these, regenerated cellulosic materials and various chemicals. From 2006 all master’s level teaching in the Department is given in English and organized today within the International Master’s Programme in Bioproduct Technology. The department coordinates the graduate school International Doctoral Programme in Pulp and Paper Science and Technology (PaPSaT) and is a partner in several other doctoral programs.

Contact: Prof. Herbert Sixta


Alberto Coz. Short Term Scientific Mission of the Cost Action FP1205. Department of Forest Products Technology. Research Group: Biorefineries. Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. 26.02.2014 – 26.04.2014