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Ph.D. Berta Galán Corta

Ph.D. Berta Galán Corta

MPhil. in Material Science form Bath University (U.K.) and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Cantabria and nowadays a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cantabria, UC, Spain. She is involved (1992/Present) in the UC Chemical Engineering Degree and Master/Doctorate Programs “Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering”. The research activity developed is focused on subjects related to the simulation and optimization of chemical and environmental processes and industrial plants. Collaboration in Research and Development Projects at International, European and National level as well as transference results projects with the industrial sector. She has participated in more than 25 SCI papers, 1 invention patent, 40 International Congress and 1 Ph Thesis supervision, obtaining 3 research periods of 6 years from the Spanish Education Ministry. During 1998 and 2010 developed research stays of 6-8 months at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Carnegie Mellon University (USA).

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Defense of PhD dissertation of Marta Revilla Salas

 Next Friday 3rd November 2017, 10:30 AM, at the Auditorium of the Industrial School (E.T.S.I.I.T.) of the University of Cantabria, student Marta Revilla Salas will defend the PhD Thesis entitled “Analysis and modelling of a BAS (Biofilm Activated Sludge) process for the biological treatment of high organic load wastewaters with nutrient limited”.

The Thesis has been supervised by Dra. Berta Galan Corta and Prof. Dr. Javier R. Viguri Fuente form the GER Research Group. The Thesis with Industrial Mention, will be presented to the Professor Ana Elias from the Bilbao Engineering School, UPV/EHU, the Dr. Fernando Cortabitarte from Acciona Agua Company and the Associate Professor Gema Ruiz Gutierrez from QuIPRe Department, UC.

The thesis of Marta Revilla proposes new integrated models of MBBR and BAS processes for industrial waste water with high organic load and nutrient deficiency, incorporating depredation and hydrolysis mechanisms. It also proposes decision-making tools and their application to obtain criteria for optimal and sustainable operation of WWTP.

Visita a la empresa DTS OABE S.L.

Berta Galan y Javier Viguri visitaron el pasado 31 de Marzo las instalaciones de la empresa DTS OABE situada en Orozco, Bizkaia, invitados por el Dr. D. Roberto Fañanas San Anton. La empresa desarrolla, fabrica y comercializa productos biocidas para la Sanidad Ambiental y Alimentaria, Control de Legionela y Protección de la madera, disponiendo de un sistema de gestión de Ecodiseño bajo la norma UNE-EN ISO 14006:2011. Roberto Fañanas es colaborador asiduo del grupo de investigación GER, participando como ponente de seminarios y charlas sobre Diseño de Producto, en el marco tanto de la asignatura optativa del Grado en Ingeniería Química “Product Design Project”, como en el Master en Investigación en Ingeniería Industrial de la Universidad de Cantabria.

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GER members have received the course entitled “Professional Development in English Medium Instruction-EMI”

From 2nd - 12th August 2016, Berta Galan and Javier Viguri have received the course entitled “Professional Development in English Medium Instruction-EMI”, in DCU Language Services, at Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. For two weeks, they attended a first class academic, social and cultural experience. The program develops the language skills (speaking, listening, writing and presentation), the academic language, the use of technology and different teaching methodologies within the context EMI. Several practice sessions (Teaching Practice) allowed the application of the concepts developed during the course. The course has been funded under the II Call for "Aid for Training of PDI of the University of Cantabria to Teach in English (March 17, 2016)", of the Language Training Area, Vicerectorate for Internationalization.

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