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Ph.D. Ana Andrés Payán

Ph.D. Ana Andrés Payán

Ph.D. Chemical Sciences by University of Basque Country (Spain) At the present time is Lecturer of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cantabria. Research works has been developed in the area of Sustainable Environmental Management of Hazardous Wastes and Marine Sediments, by the direction and collaboration in R+D+I project at European and National level, both of basic character and collaboration with industrial sector. Taught from 1992, subjects in the area of Chemical and Environmental Engineering in degrees of Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Marine Engineering. Also involved in postgraduate teaching in two Masters with quality award.

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WASCON 2018 Conference participation and ISCOWA board

Ana Andrés and Alberto Coz have participated actively in the WASCON 2018 Conference (10th International Conference on the Environmental and Technical Implications of Construction with Alternative Materials), in Tampere, Finland, from 6th to 8th June, 2018, organised by RIL and ISCOWA ( WASCON 2018 showed both the state of the art and the future developments in the field of the utilization of alternative materials in construction. In addition to fulfilling the most rigorous standards in its academic track, the conference also showed case hands-on industrial solutions from air to earth. Ana Andrés and Alberto Coz participated with four publications, one oral and three posters. In addition, both of them participated as chairperson in two different topics and Ana Andrés also collaborated in a workshop. ISCOWA is an international, non-profit organization which was formed in 1992 to promote and coordinate the exchange of information regarding the environmental and technical aspects of construction with industrial by-products. During the WASCON Conference, the new board of ISCOWA was chosen and Ana Andrés and Alberto Coz were elected. The main tasks to be carried out by Ana Andrés and Alberto Coz in ISCOWA during the next three years will be the Website content and coordination, and the sponsoring.  

GER Group involved in the Circular Economy through development of Alkaline Activated Materials from industrial subproducts

On January 10, 2018, the Project GEOACTIV entitled "Development of alkaline activated materials from fly ash and alkaline byproducts of the Solvay process for use in construction and civil works" came into force. This project, signed with Solvay Company under the INNOVA 2017 Regional Program, will be developed during one year by the GER Group, with Dra. Ana Andres Payán as Responsible Researcher.

Under a circular economy approach, the project will allow the creation of knowledge in order to obtain alternative materials to traditional ones, evaluating the technological, environmental and ecological properties of the innovative materials. The development of Alkaline Activated Materials-AAM- contributes positively to the reduction of global pollution and increase the growth in sustainable development, because AAM are synthesized at ambient temperature, reducing flue gases, CO2 emissions and energy consumption, while saving natural resources.. This project suppose the continuity of the GER group activities as contribution in the European challenge “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials”.  

Winner in Product Design

Icon Washbasin from Bathco Company, is Winner in Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Category, 2016 - 2017, in A' Design Award & Competition.

The Bathco design team, in collaboration with the Green Engineering & Research Group at the University of Cantabria, have participated in the production of the innovative product ICON WASBASIN. The ICON is made in materials that offer real benefits to the environment. In particular, the washbasin made with a new generation material: it is created from recycled materials at low temperatures, in a process that reduces the consumption of raw materials, reduces the CO2 emissions and save energy.

The challenge of the de new design was to obtain a product that perfectly combined a cutting-edge design and the use of materials that were totally sustainable and environmentally-friendly. With Icon, this equilibrium was achieved through the development of two pieces that represent an homage to nature. First, the wood of the furniture element was extracted in a totally sustainable way; second, the washbasin is made from recycled materials.

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