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Defense of PhD dissertation of Begoña Ruiz Labrador

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22 Oct 2013

Last 18th October, Begoña Ruiz Labrador defended their Doctoral Thesis, that were developed in the research group Green Engineering and Resources (GER) of the Department of Chemistry and Process & Resource Engineering of the University of Cantabria. 

Begoña Ruiz Labrador defended her Doctoral Thesis entitled: “Environmental Behavior of Stabilized Metallic Waste using an Integrated Framework of Leaching Tests" that was supervised by Dra. Ana Andrés Payán and Dr. Alberto Coz Fernández. The evaluation committee was chaired by Dra. Prof. Dña. Adstrid Barona Fernández from the University of Basque Country and as a member of the committee Dr. Francisco Serrano Bernardo, from the University of Granada. The secretary was Dra. Berta Galán Corta, from the University of Cantabria. The Ph.D. has been made under Innovation contracts with the company Lunagua, S.L. (Invesnova Programs 2005-2008), as well as under the R&D National Plan project CTM 2009-11303.

The Ph.D. is of particular relevance and interest given the recent approval of the Spanish order AAA/661/2013, relative to landfill of wastes, which takes into account the need for long-term studies of solidified/stabilized wastes as acceptance criteria.


 Evaluation committee of the Begoña Ruiz Ph. D. Thesis.

Begoña Ruiz Labrador with her supervisors and evaluation committee.

Prof. Ph.D. Javier Rufino Viguri Fuente

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