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Participation in 4th International WASTES Conference

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28 Sep 2017

Dr. Tamara Llano and PhD. student Juan Dacuba of the GER research group participated at the 4th edition of the International Conference WASTES: Solutions, treatments and oportunities held in Oporto on 25th and 26th September, presenting the following posters:

  • Santos, J., Cifrian, E., Llano, T., Rico, C., Andrés, A. Review of potential ways for resource recovery from human urine
  • Cifrian, E., Dacuba, J., Viguri, J.R., Andrés, A. Comparative life cycle assessment of the incorporation of electric arc furnace dust into ceramic products

Besides, Dr. Llano participated being chair of the Session D2 “Recycling of Wastes and Materials Recovery”



PhD. Tamara Llano Astuy

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