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Defense of PhD dissertation of Marta Revilla Salas

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30 Oct 2017

 Next Friday 3rd November 2017, 10:30 AM, at the Auditorium of the Industrial School (E.T.S.I.I.T.) of the University of Cantabria, student Marta Revilla Salas will defend the PhD Thesis entitled “Analysis and modelling of a BAS (Biofilm Activated Sludge) process for the biological treatment of high organic load wastewaters with nutrient limited”.

The Thesis has been supervised by Dra. Berta Galan Corta and Prof. Dr. Javier R. Viguri Fuente form the GER Research Group. The Thesis with Industrial Mention, will be presented to the Professor Ana Elias from the Bilbao Engineering School, UPV/EHU, the Dr. Fernando Cortabitarte from Acciona Agua Company and the Associate Professor Gema Ruiz Gutierrez from QuIPRe Department, UC.

The thesis of Marta Revilla proposes new integrated models of MBBR and BAS processes for industrial waste water with high organic load and nutrient deficiency, incorporating depredation and hydrolysis mechanisms. It also proposes decision-making tools and their application to obtain criteria for optimal and sustainable operation of WWTP.

Ph.D. Berta Galán Corta

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