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13 Feb 2018
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On January 10, 2018, the Project GEOACTIV entitled "Development of alkaline activated materials from fly ash and alkaline byproducts of the Solvay process for use in construction and civil works" came into force. This project, signed with Solvay Company under the INNOVA 2017 Regional Program, will be developed during one year by the GER Group, with Dra. Ana Andres Payán as Responsible Researcher.

Under a circular economy approach, the project will allow the creation of knowledge in order to obtain alternative materials to traditional ones, evaluating the technological, environmental and ecological properties of the innovative materials. The development of Alkaline Activated Materials-AAM- contributes positively to the reduction of global pollution and increase the growth in sustainable development, because AAM are synthesized at ambient temperature, reducing flue gases, CO2 emissions and energy consumption, while saving natural resources.. This project suppose the continuity of the GER group activities as contribution in the European challenge “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials”.  

23 Jan 2018
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On November 07, 2017, the Project entitled "Analysis and Protein Hydrolysis of Fish Bones for Human Food (HIDPROTEC)" came into force. This project, signed with HADELCA S.L. Company under the I+C=+C (SODERCAN/FEDER) Regional Program, will be developed during 7.5 months by the GER Group, with Dra. Tamara Llano Astuy as Responsible Researcher.

A primary objective of the HDPROTEC project is the optimization of the protein enzymatic hydrolysis production of value added products (such as proteins, oil, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, bioactive peptides, collagen and gelatine) from Animal by-products (ABPs) which are not intended for human consumption. Characterization of the enzymatic hydrolysates by Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) technique will be carried out in the R&D laboratories of the GER group as a fundamental task of the project.

29 Dec 2017
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On November 30, 2017, the Project entitled "Obtaining, processing and disseminating data on waste production and management and adaptation of the existing indicator system to the new waste plan of Cantabria" came into force. This project, signed as a Contract for Services in Open Procedure with the Regional Ministry of Universities and Research, Environment and Social Policy of the Regional Government of Cantabria, will be developed until the end of 2020 by the GER Group, with Dra. Eva Cifrian Bemposta as Responsible Researcher.

The project supposes the continuity of the work carried out by the Cantabria Waste Focal Point ( The collection and selection of information related to waste in Cantabria, the processing and analysis of information through indicators, the analysis of the flow of materials of priority streams, as well as the active and systematic dissemination will be the main objectives.

07 Nov 2017
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Last 3 November 2017, Marta Revilla Salas defended their Doctoral Thesis, entitled: “Analysis and modelling of a BAS (Biofilm Activated Sludge) process for the biological treatment of high organic load wastewaters with nutrient limited”. The Thesis with Industrial Mention and evaluated as Sobresaliente “Cum Laude”, has been developed in SNIACE-Torrelavega and supervised by Dra. Berta Galán Corta and Prof. Dr. Javier R. Viguri Fuente from GER Research Group.

The evaluation committee chaired by Professor Ana Elias Saenz from the Bilbao Engineering School, UPV/EHU, Dr. Fernando Cortabitarte from Acciona Agua Company and the Associate Professor Gema Ruiz Gutierrez from QuIPRe Department, had the opportunity to visit the laboratories and dependencies of the GER group as well as to know their RT&D activities at the Industrial School of the UC.