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04 Oct 2016
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El viernes 30 de Septiembre el Gupo GER ha participado en la Noche Europea de l@s investigador@s. Este es un evento europeo de divulgación científica que tiene lugar simultanamente en unas 300 ciudades de 24 países europeos y vecinos. El grupo GER ha mostrado diversos talleres en la Plaza Pombo de Santander, dentro de la actividad “Dialoga con la Ciencia, Dialoga con un Científico”, adaptados para personas de todas las edades. Este año cientos de personas han tenido la oportunidad de disfrutar de talleres relacionados con la acidificación marina, con la valorización de residuos industriales en ceramicos y con la actividad de biorefineria. Más información:

20 Sep 2016
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Ana Andres Payán participated in the 6th International EuCheMS 2016 Chemistry Congress, in Seville, Spain, 11-15th September 2016 ( organized by ANQUE and EuCheMS. During the Congress was signed the “Seville International Declaration of Chemistry 2016”, that highlights the major role of the scientists, researchers, teachers, professionals and business people dedicated to chemistry in providing suitable solutions to global challenges in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN. Ana Andres, sponsored by SOLVAY Torrelavega, attended the Industrial Program Solvay session called “Impact of Supramolecular Chemistry on Industrial Applications in Formulation and Material Science” held on Thursday 15th was coordinated by Caroll Vergelati, Solvay Researcher and Mario Pinho Branco, from Solvay Business Services.  


06 Sep 2016
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From 2nd - 12th August 2016, Berta Galan and Javier Viguri have received the course entitled “Professional Development in English Medium Instruction-EMI”, in DCU Language Services, at Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. For two weeks, they attended a first class academic, social and cultural experience. The program develops the language skills (speaking, listening, writing and presentation), the academic language, the use of technology and different teaching methodologies within the context EMI. Several practice sessions (Teaching Practice) allowed the application of the concepts developed during the course. The course has been funded under the II Call for "Aid for Training of PDI of the University of Cantabria to Teach in English (March 17, 2016)", of the Language Training Area, Vicerectorate for Internationalization.

29 Jul 2016
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A recent open access review paper has been published in the Journal Materials. (Impact Factor: 2.728) The paper investigates the main detoxification processes in lignocellulosic biomass for biorefinery purposes. This work has been carried out with the collaboration of Edmond Maican at the Politehnica University of Bucharest and Herbert Sixta at Aalto University by means of a short research stay of Alberto Coz at this institution Alberto Coz, Tamara Llano, Eva Cifrián, Javier Viguri, Edmond Maican and Herbert Sixta. Physico-Chemical Alternatives in Lignocellulosic Materials in Relation to the Kind of Component for Fermenting Purposes, 9(7), 574. Doi 10.3390/ma9070574 IF: 2.728; Quartile in Category Q1 in Materials Science (miscellaneous), Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanics of Materials.