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25 Aug 2014
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The 5th International Conference on Engineering for Waste and Biomass Valorisation to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 25 – 28, 2014. Dra. Ana Andres Payán is involved in the Scientific Committee. This conference, as usual, is a great platform for the world scientists and industries in the environmental and energy sector to meet and share ideas and experiences on recent work as well as on new perspectives resulting from recent innovation. During this conference, there will be various symposia and panels to discuss a variety of topics regarding present progress and innovation in scientific research and technology development in related sectors and activities. The Conference include the 1st WasteEng Conference Series summer school, that will offer exclusive programmes designed in close collaboration with leading experts. This will give you a unique opportunity to develop your engineering skills in an industrial setting and work with highly topical technological cases.

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27 Feb 2014
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Dr. Alberto Coz started the February 26th, 2014 a short stay of two months at Aalto University, Finland, in the Department of Forest Products Technology, under supervision of Professor Herbert Sixta, leader of the Biorefineries Research Group. This short stay is developed under the Short Term Scientific Mission of the COST Action FP1205 ‘Innovative applications of regenerated wood cellulose fibres’. During his stay, he will study the main detoxification processes in an Integrated Forest Biorefinery in sulfite pulping mills. The obtained results will be very useful for the BRIGIT European Research project.

18 Feb 2014
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EL próximo jueves 20 de Febrero de 2014 se llevará a cabo una Jornada sobre modelado geo-químico de procesos de liberación de elementos de matrices sólidas. La Jornada se realiza en el marco de la actividad investigadora del Proyecto de Plan Nacional CTM 2011‐28437‐C02‐01, contando con la participación de 4 investigadores del grupo GER. La Jornada se desarrollará en la Sala de Reuniones del Departamento de Química e Ingeniería de Procesos y Recursos (QuIPRe) de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales y de Telecomunicación. Universidad de Cantabria. Santander (SPAIN).

Más información: Documento PDF

19 Nov 2013
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CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria, en colaboración con la Universidad de Cantabria y la Dirección General de Medio Ambiente del Gobierno de Cantabria organiza una Jornada sobre la gestión de residuos en el Horizonte 2020.


Día: Viernes 29 de noviembre

Hora: 10,00h

Lugar: Sede de CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria, c/ Tres de Noviembre, 38. Santander.

Programa de la jornada: pinche aquí.


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