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  • Dacuba, J., Díaz, M.C., Thomas, C, Andrés, A., Factors influencing illite clay-coal fly ash based geopolymer formation, 2015



    The ninth International Conference on the Environmental and Technical Implications of Construction with Alternative Materials “WASCON 2015”, June, 10th-12th, Santander, Spain

    Contribution: Poster
    Proceedings: Libro de comunicaciones. ISBN 978‐84‐606‐8422‐0
    Abstract: Conventional ceramic processes consume large amounts of energy and resources as well as produce questionable emissions to the atmosphere. The geopolymeric processes are carried out at low temperatures with coal fly ashes as main raw material, being its non-hazardous waste definition currently questioned. The geopolymeric processes have been mainly investigated as cementitious products. Due to the use of low temperatures (less energy consumption) and utilization of waste (coal fly ash), main premises of the circular economy, the geopolymeric processes could be a good technology in ceramic processes. Thus, the aim of this paper is to investigate the illite clay-coal fly ash based geopolymer formation.